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Speed Of Love

'Speed Of Love' is the first album of my own songs. Lyrics were written and then music composed to fit the lyrics. Up until now I have concentrated on instrumental guitar music with the occasional songs mixed in, but here I place full emphasis on the lyric. It's also the first time I have used other musicians on an album and what revelation! My friends who contributed are brilliant and my appreciation of their talent and generosity is impossible to express. My dear friend, Murray Wood, who played keyboards on "Speed Of Love" and "Scared Of Love" was tragically killed in Christchurch's earthquake of Feb 22, 2011. These are the last tracks he played on.

Reactions to this collection of songs has been super positive in New Zealand, Canada, England…

Speed Of Love
Signs Of Spring
Saint Cecilia
A Dictionary Of Questions
Beneath the Skindeep
Scared Of Love
Somehow Love Is Made


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Beatles Project
solo and duet guitar

"Take away the backing tracks from a good song, leaving just a guitar and a voice, and it will still be a good song. Now take away the voice, leaving just a guitar, and it must be a great song to stand alone as an instrumental."

'Beatles Project' is a collection of solo and duet guitar arrangements of some of Graham's favourite Beatles songs. The album, which evolved over a period of four and a half years, remains largely faithful to the Beatles original feels, rather than radical rearrangements and jazzed up renditions. So far response has been good and reviews have been excellent.

'Beatles Project' is an absolute must for both Beatles fans and guitar pickers. Graham will be featuring many of these fine arrangements in upcoming performances.

And I Love Her
Across The Universe
Things We Said Today
I Will
In My Life
All My Loving
Norwegian Wood
If I Fell
She's A Woman
If I Needed Someone
It's For You
Lady Madonna

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High Standards

"'High Standards' is a CD that has been recorded mainly for those people who have made the effort to attend my solo concerts. It is, in fact, a studio recording of the pieces that I most enjoy performing, the pieces that seem to be requested time and time again. I would like to think that people can take my concert home and that it can be enjoyed again, either under close scrutiny, or as atmospheric music for a dinner party or social occasion and for ambience in cafes and restaurants."

Recording solo guitar allows no room for error. There is nothing to hide poor playing behind, no excuse for anything but the very highest of 'High Standards'.

Dance With Me
Classical Gas
Here, There and Everywhere
Black Orpheus
Georgia On My Mind
Lady Madonna
The Dunstan
Cavatina (The Deer Hunter)
Sleepy Moon

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"My long-term ambition has been to play music I have written on instruments I have built. This album is the first step. I play six of my instruments on this recording: steel string, electric, bass, lap steel and soprano 12-string guitars plus a mountain dulcimer."

All words and music by-
All vocals performed by-
All instruments played by-
All instruments hand-built by-
Produced by-
Graham Wardrop

Lost and Found
Feelin' So Blue
Far Away
Baroque Again
Three Cat Shuffle
So Many Years
Tricky's Magic Rag
These Days
Perpetual Emotion
Safe n' Sound

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music to enhance the pleasures of wine

'Vintage' is a concept CD - in the same sense that we match wines to food styles, 'Vintage' matches Graham's music to wine types. All the music has been composed and recorded by Graham and the various musical ambiences related to particular wines or part of the vintage, or wine making process, to create an album that is the perfect compliment to a sophisticated dining situation.

'Vintage' transcends "ambient" categorization as it is also a pleasure to listen to as a purely musical experience. The album is in part a compilation and in part new material. The 'experts' agreed that certain pieces off earlier albums were perfect for the concept, but new pieces were composed to create a complete mood.

Sauvignon Song
Nuances on the Nose
Tannin Touch
Beneath the Vines
Vines at Night
Growing the Grape
Ode to Sauternes
The Perfect Taste


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Graham Wardrop

In 1989 Graham released his first solo album. This collection of his songs and compositions has been completely remixed and remastered for CD. All instruments are played by Graham and 'My New Friends' features his own handbuilt electric, lap steel and soprano 12-strings guitars. He is joined by his sister, Radha Sahar, who sings harmonies on 'Stranger'.


Snap a Little Finger
Ring Around the Moon
Flight of the Osprey
My New Friends
Muso Blues
Restaurant Blues
Thank You, Michael

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contact: Graham Wardrop, Box 18 845, Christchurch 8641, New Zealand

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