Graham can offer the following services and musical combinations

graham wardrop solo

  • Concert performances
  • Festival performances and workshops
  • House Concerts: an intimate and informal recital in your own home. This is probably the best environment in which to experience Graham’s music. Typically Graham plays two sets of between 45 and 60 minutes. There is a break of about 20 minutes between sets, giving guests an opportunity to socialize. No PA system is used i.e. it is purely an acoustic performance. This, ultimately, is what playing ‘unplugged’ is all about. All that is required is a room capable of seating from 30 to 60 people and an appropriate amount of sofas, chairs and cushions. Guests are invited to bring their wine or preferred refreshments and two or three dollars of the suggested $20 ticket price can be used for tea, coffee etc. Alternatively, a set fee can be agreed upon.
    A house concert is a unique way to focus your social gathering while experiencing the true acoustic essence of Graham’s music.
  • Sophisticated dining music - perfect for conferences, weddings and private functions
  • Restaurant and ambience music - fills the gaps, creates atmosphere without being intrusive
  • Weddings: perfectly suited for the social time between the wedding ceremony and the reception dance. Classical guitar can be perfect for the arrival of guests and Graham knows the right songs to play during the signing of the register
  • Workshops in advanced fingerstyle techniques
  • Workshops in guitar maintenance and general guitar building techniques
  • Graham's repertoire is perfect for 50th and 60th birthday parties
  • Recording sessions: obviously acoustic guitar is the specialist instrument, but all styles of guitars can be used. Because most of Graham's instruments are 'one-offs' that he has built himself, a unique sound is assured
  • Composition: Graham has composed music for several video documentaries including 'Six of the Best', 'The Last Great Adventure' and 'Good Keen Men', various theatrical productions and he has had songs covered by John Farnham, Slim Dusty and Anne Kirkpatrick
    All the tracks on his CDs 'Graham Wardrop', 'Signature' and 'Vintage' are original compositions


  • Elizabeth Braggins and Graham Wardrop for concert, festival performances, restaurant, and sophisticated dining situations. Elizabeth is one of New Zealand's top piano playing singers. She and Graham have worked in countless venues around New Zealand and overseas. The music has a leaning towards jazz with lots of virtuoso improvisation and closely blended vocal harmonies.
  • Rosa Shiels and Graham Wardrop. Rosa and Graham have played music together for nearly 30 years in both Australia and New Zealand. Their style is varied but generally covers popular songs leaning towards the blues and folk genres. Rosa has a remarkable and individually powerful voice and persona. Together they have thrilled audiences at acoustic music festivals, concert halls, house concerts and a huge variety of venues. Their live CD 'Winter' is a favourite of many keen listeners. Rosa writes great songs and has recently released here first solo CD. Rosa and Graham's harmony singing is close and warm.
  • Martin Curtis and Graham Wardrop for a concert that's full of songs and stories about New Zealand. Martin performs some hilarious poems and together their music covers a huge range of styles. A perfect combination for any folk festival.
  • Gray Bartlett and Graham Wardrop. New Zealand's two top acoustic guitarists in duet. This combination explores a myriad of guitar styles and they enthralled audiences when opening Michael Crawford's New Zealand concerts.

guitar building and repair

  • Although guitar building is mainly a hobby, occasional commissions have been accepted for 'one-off' custom instruments. Graham refuses to build to a deadline - "Guitar building is challenge enough without having to work under the pressure of a deadline - a sure way to make mistakes." This time consuming 'hobby' fills in the quiet times at home between tours and overseas appearances.
  • "I do some small repair and set up jobs, but I prefer to spend the limited time available on creating new instruments."

contact: Graham Wardrop, Box 18 845, Christchurch 8641, New Zealand